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Repsol Diesel Turbo THPD SAE 15W40

THPD (Top High Performance Diesel) lubricant oil designed to meet the most demanding requirements for diesel engines. This product specifically designed for the most modern vehicles requiring ACEA E7, API CI-4 lubricants. Its carefully prepared formula enables a longer oil change period.


  • Can be used when biodiesel is used as a fuel, following the recommended change periods established by the manufacturers.
  • Multigrade oil encompassing a wide range of temperatures; very stable and excellent shearing resistance, it maintains its design viscosity during the whole life of the oil.
  • Great detergent dispersant power, ensuring total cleanliness of the engine elements.
  • Exceptional soot dispersion capacity, which means it is specially recommended for engines fitted with EGR-type emission reduction systems.
  • Prevents casing polishing of cylinders, which is so typical of large horsepower supercharged engines.
  • Prevents the formation of lacquers and varnishes thanks to its dispersant additives.
  • Its alkaline reserve (TBN) enables it to protect the engine against corrosion by neutralising the acids formed in the combustion of diesel with different sulphur contents.
  • This product may prolong the oil change period, though the engine manufacturer’s
    recommendations must always be followed.

Quality Levels

  • ACEA E7/E5
  • API CI-4/CH-4/SL
  • MB 228.3
  • MAN 3275
  • CUMMINS 20076/20077/20078
  • MACK EO-M +

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